Tennis- & Golfarm therapie



A “tennis elbow” is an inflammation of the tendons that attach to the lateral epicondyle of the humerus bone (humerus). These are the extensorspieren (extensor muscles of the hand). The big difference with other infections is that none of this inflammation are present inflammatory substances and that more and more is demonstrated by studies, that these problems are also caused by trigger points.
Obviously these trigger points are the result of a cause.

The cause of these symptoms are often the shoulders, so if only just the affected area covers is, the chance of recurrence present. A tennis elbow may at a later stage to be an extremely painful condition, wherein the client / patient little or nothing to do with the affected arm. Even lifting a light object too much. During the treatment, will be treated in the neck, shoulder and arm. There will be locally treated around the site specific pain but especially around the neck and shoulders. Often there is also the beginning of the cause of the symptoms.


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